The Amazing Adventures of Angel
The photo that started it all - Angel, pre adoption, as we saw her at
Angel's Story

Angel's story is quite incredible- she spent 7 months living near an exit ramp on Route 6 in Providence. The fact that she is still with us is a miracle indeed. A number of wonderful souls took notice of her and began to look out for her, leaving food for her, learning her habits, and trying to enlist professional help to get her rescued. Finally, after much perseverance and with the help of a dedicated group called Defenders of Animals , she was rescued from the highway and brought to a very nice kennel in Exeter, RI, to await a new life.

We aren't entirely certain how it came to pass that Angel decided her new life would be with Suede, but we are very grateful that she communicated it so effectively. Through a series of seemingly random yet fortuitous events, Suede met Angel in late September and after two dates, was hopelessly and permanently charmed.

Now, the facts as we know them thus far. We think that Angel was between 2 and 3 when we got her a year ago (10/01). She is sort of a Golden Retriever/Border Collie cross- like a black Golden, and very smart and very sweet. If Molly Maloux had a bigger sister with more modest ears, she would look just like Angel. She loves to have her belly rubbed, and she sleeps very daintily with her left arm and paw tucked underneath her. She is remarkably well behaved and it is clear that she was pretty well trained somewhere along the line. She tells us when she wants to go out, when she is ready to come in, and she knows sit, stay, lie down, and shake. She is incredibly loyal, and stays understanably close to us.

Since so many people were following Angel's story, and so many of Suede's friends and fans are wondering how Suede was doing after the loss of Molly, we thought it would be nice for everybody to provide this page as an occasional update and an ongoing real life "Happily Ever After" story.

Update: 10/02: Angel is doing very very well, as you can see from the photo archive below. She is still a bit shy of guys in baseball hats, but aren't we all, really? Angel accompanies Suede all over the place and has settled in to her life in Rhode island, on the Cape, and on the road!

Angel's Adventures
Photo Archives

Angel Photo Update, Holiday Edition:

I just love Harvest time in New England!
I have my own personal Santa this year!
Ooh, Christmas shopping!
Let's see, what about one of these for Katie????
Well, um, it's really just a matter of
quality control assurance...
I had to make sure she'd like it, didn't I???
Pssst...Hey Kid, go to Tailwaggers -
they let you try before you buy!

Here are some shots of Angel a' la Plage:

This is my new favorite beach, in Truro.
Let me show you around.
This time of year, its pretty much me and the seals-
Come on in, the water's fine!
Hmmm, what shall I do next?
How bout going in again?
Where are those seals, anyway?
Okay, sing it with me now...
Runnin' and Jumpin' and Swimmin' and Playin'
Plannin' and dreamin' each night of this beach
The good news- it's now in my reach
So when I'm lookin' to find bliss I come here
All I gotta do is be cute and be nice and behave
And hope Suede's schedule's clear...
Here I am with Suede. Um, well, I'm really more interested in the other dogs down the beach right now...
I am one happy dog. Highway...what highway?
The end of another dog day in paradise
Let's go home and eat dinner now!
I'm ready for my Greenie, Mr. Demille...

Here are some shots of Angel from her first weekend in Wellfleet:

In the Big Field near Suede's house
Oh, this is good! Let me at it!
Okay, here I go!
Doing what I do best.
Happy Dogs! Happy Dogs!
Don't I have lovely conformation here?
I'm considering a modeling career...
Art shot for my portfolio
After my first bath, way shiny and oh so cute.
Nothing beats a greenie and a nice soft pillow at the end of the day.
Have you noticed - I really do have my Maloux moments, don't I?

Here are some shots of Angel and her friends on 10/02, and of Angel on her way to her new life with Suede and Catherine.

This is one of Angel's Angels- Michelle. Michelle is a person who fed Angel and looked out for her and really made sure Angel went to a wonderful new home. Michelle is kind and generous and loves Angel very much. Angel has Michelle to thank for the happy ending of this story.
Here are Michelle and Angel with Dennis, from Defenders of Animals. Dennis led the rescue effort for Angel and handled the adoption. Dennis and his wife Pat are true animal lovers, and jazz fans too!
Michelle, Suede, and Angel
Okay, enough photos already- Let's Go!
Yea - I made it! Thank you everybody! I'm a laid back Island pup now and loving it - I've been out and about all afternoon. I have absolutely no desire to run away- I love my new very secure line and my new friends in Jamestown! Hmmmm, those sheep over there look like they need some organizing - gotta go! Come back and check on me again soon!

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